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Igor Dianov

Activiti Core Developer

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Igor Dianov brings 25+ years of experience in architecting, developing and managing software for scalable and persistent enterprise applications. In early 2015, Igor Dianov together with D.Sc.Mykhailo Dianov set out to develop a new concept of advanced & scalable enterprise application architecture blueprints by separating communication and application concerns and connecting client and server side services in a clean, controlled & secured manner (www.introproventures.com). Before co-founding IntroPro Ventures, Igor worked on enterprise software development in financial, telecommunication, content management, process management and content distribution applications for companies such as Sberbank, Telegroup, and PressReader (formely NewspaperDirect). He brings his experience building large-scale enterprise applications and vision for scalable software architecture and integrations leveraging mature open source software. Over the last 15 years of professional activity Igor Dianov was operating in the Greater Vancouver area, British Columbia, Canada. Igor Dianov graduated as MS in Electrical Engineering from National Technical University of Ukraine with specialization in Computer Systems for Experimental Research and Integrated Testing. In his leisure time, Igor is dedicated to sailing and racing windsurfers in Vancouver, BC and Oregon, US.